How To Fill Beard Patches Naturally & Quickly

If you're struggling to grow a full, healthy looking beard it can be demoralizing. You look in the mirror and feel your confidence shrink as you take note of the patchy spots that just won't fill in. Many men end up going with the clean shaven look because they simply cannot get that patchy beard to look the way they want.

Fortunately for you, there is a solution. It's quick and cost effective - so you can fix a patchy beard once and for all.

Today, we'll explain how to fill beard patches naturally and quickly. By the end of this guide, you'll be well on your way to filling in that beard and achieving facial hair perfection - whatever that looks like to you. Let's start with some basic information on patchy beards.

What Causes A Patchy Beard?

First and foremost, what is preventing you from attaining that full, natural looking beard you've always wanted? Maybe the hair follicles on your cheeks are not producing hair growth - and you're stuck with the chinstrap look. Or, perhaps you just have a few small patches here and there. Maybe you have a full beard - but can't grow a moustache.

Whatever the case, you're not alone. Patchy beard growth is incredibly common. In fact, a full, natural beard is rare. There are a few common causes of your patchy beard woes: age, genetics, and lifestyle.


You need to give yourself time to grow a full beard. If you're still an adolescent - or even a young adult - don't beat yourself up over your facial hair growth.

Sure, you can start growing facial hair as early as 13 years old. But, you won't hit your peak beard growing years until you're over the age of 25. Some men won't hit this peak until they're over 33 years old. Yeah - you might be jealous of that kid from high school who grew a glorious beard before senior year. Nevertheless, be patient - and work with what you've got at the time. Lucky for you there are interim beard filling solutions that can give the effect of full beards until that time comes.


There are all sorts of lifestyle imperfections that can lead to patchy beards. Maybe your nutrition sucks. If you don't eat the right foods and get the right nutrients, your hair follicles won't have what they need to produce thick, healthy hair - on your scalp or your face. Similarly, certain inflammatory foods can inhibit hair growth and even cause hair loss.

But diet isn't the only lifestyle factor you should consider. Stress is another big one. If you have excess stress from family life, work, or any other source for that matter, you'll probably experience slow hair growth and even hair loss as a secondary effect. In some instances, this stress can even alter the color of your facial hair - causing it to turn white or grey.


Contrary to what most hair loss products/services will tell you, hair growth is largely genetic. If full beards don't run in your family, you're already behind the 8-ball thanks to your genetics. Similar to hair loss on your scalp, you may find that while you once had a nice full beard, in recent years, this hair growth has stopped - or even regressed. There is nothing you can do to change your genetics - but we will provide some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your situation. So, keep reading.

How Fill Beard Patches: The Secret Solution To Full, Natural Looking Beards

Now that you know the three main things preventing you from the beard of your dreams, it's time to stop sulking. We're going to teach you how to fill beard patches. We'll uncover a secret solution that many people don't talk about: using a beard filling pencil. Like we said, full beards are quite rare so how do you think 99% of bearded celebrities appear to have a full beard? Here’s the secret..

What Is A Beard Filler Pencil?

If you aren't already familiar with beard filler pencils, allow us to introduce you to your secret weapon in the fight against a patchy beard. These are exactly what they sound like: pencils that help you fill in your beard! Just as women have eyebrow pencils to create naturally full browlines, men have beard filler pencils to create naturally full beards. And when was the last time you noticed a filled-in eyebrow on your last date with a woman? That’s right, never - that’s because they’re indistinguishable from the real deal if applied properly.

You can quite literally fill in the patchy beard areas with these pencils to achieve a natural, full looking beard. We know what you're thinking - does this actually result in a natural looking beard? Let's discuss.

Does Using A Pencil To Fix A Patchy Beard Really Work?

You might be skeptical if you've never used these before - especially if you don't know someone who has. Is it too good to be true?

The good news is that these products really work. In just seconds, you can cover the unsightly areas in your patchy beard and achieve natural looking fullness. Millions of men around the globe use these. You probably see these men in your day to day life - and you'd never suspect a thing.

How To Fill Beards With These Filler Pencils

So, how do they work? These beard filling pencils are super simple and easy to use. Start by finding the right one. At VOID Homme, we are industry-leaders and have the best selection of beard filling pen kits. These are the best way to get started, as they include everything you need to fix a patchy beard: the pen or pencil itself along with accessories to enhance your look and experience.

Once you've got your products, it's time to use them. Start by defining what you want to accomplish. Do you just want to cover up the patchy beard areas on your face? Or, do you want to bring your beard line up higher for a thicker, fuller look? Whatever your vision of a perfect beard is, you can make it a reality with the right products and know-how. We'll walk you through filling your patchy beard below:

  • Step One: Fill in the patches in your beard by lightly shading your skin with the pencil side. This will take you less than 30 seconds.
  • Step Two: Blend the pencil in by brushing the filled in area in the direction of your beard hair. This is why our kits are great: because many come with unique brushes you need to get the job done right.
  • Step Three: Finish up by lining up the edges of your beard using the pencil. This will result in a sharp finish that allows you to look and feel your best. Say goodbye to patchy beard growth, say hello to sharp facial hair and confidence!

It's really that simple. This is the best way to fix a patchy beard. No costly medical procedures, no time consuming regimens. With that said, there are a few other ways you can increase your beard growth and attain a natural, healthy looking beard. Let's look at a few other tips and tricks we recommend.

Additional Advice To Help You Fill A Beard In

Along with your secret weapon, the beard filler, we are going to provide a few more tips and tricks to help you gain a naturally fuller beard. These are easy to incorporate into your regimen - so don't overlook them.

Style Your Beard Correctly

If you have a longer beard with patches here and there, you can try looking up a few patchy beard styles to help you work with what you've got. Sometimes, this will require the help of a beard balm. A beard balm is just like hair gel - but for your facial hair. You can use the beard balm to style your beard hair and cover up those patchy areas.

Keep in mind that this won't work for everyone - particularly those with short patchy beards. If this sounds like you, it's unlikely that you have enough beard hair to style it around your patches. At this point, your attention should shift to making your beard grow faster.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Actually Experience Full Beard Growth

First and foremost, consider how long you've been growing your beard. You aren't going to cultivate a gorgeous, long beard overnight. If you've been trying to grow a beard for just a few weeks and still have a few patches here and there, don't worry. This is completely natural. You should give your beard at least 30-45 days to grow before you make any rash decisions about the state of your facial hair.

Some areas of your beard will simply grow slower than others. Give these patches time to fill in naturally - you may find that after 4-6 weeks, you finally have that naturally full beard you've always wanted. If you quit too early and shave it off after just 2 weeks or so, you're selling yourself short. Many beard pencil users only use the pencils during the time it takes for their beard to naturally fill out. This way they completely avoid the ungroomed, patchy look in the process.

Enhance Your Beard Growth

If you're struggling with the dreaded patchy beard, you might be wondering - is there anything I can do to make my beard grow faster?

Depending on who you ask, you'll get conflicting answers. Some claim that they've formulated a magic beard oil serum that increases growth. Others claim that the solution is microblading with minoxidil. But do any of these claims hold any truth?

There is some evidence that suggests minoxidil (the main active ingredient in hair loss products like Rogaine, Hims, etc.) helps reverse hair loss & increase hair growth at the scalp. However, we don't have much information on how it affects facial hair. But if you are willing to try anything, incorporating a minoxidil product along with derma rolling along your beard line - especially in the patchy areas - isn't a bad idea. Always consult a medical professional first, though.

In terms of beard oil, stay away from those claiming they've got some sort of magical serum. Beard oil will not stimulate hair growth. It does, however, help you keep your facial hair hydrated. This may help prevent hair loss on the face, while also enhancing the appearance of the beard hair you do have. But no - it will not increase growth. While it is important to keep your beard healthy and hydrated, you won't fill in a patchy beard with oil alone. Here are a few other tips to increase beard growth:

  • Regular exercise may increase testosterone levels, which can aid in growing hair.
  • Make lifestyle adjustments (eliminate sources of stress, fix your diet, get plenty of sleep)
  • Consider a biotin supplement
  • Regularly brush your beard to eliminate pore clogging dandruff or sebum that can prevent new hair growth from popping through the skin.

Final Thoughts On How To Fill Beard Patches

Well, there you have it -how to fill beard patches with the aid of a filling kit. This is the fastest and most cost effective way to attain a naturally full looking beard. Give it a try yourself and unlock that look you've always desired - it's just a few clicks away!

While you're at it, consider the other tips and tricks we've recommended. With all this advice, you'll be well on your way to looking and feeling the way you've always wanted.